Samuel Valkenborgh
Samuel Valkenborgh

Marketing – Martial Arts

Here are some of the marketing pieces and projects I have worked on in the recent years. These projects include videos, leaflets, articles and even an app developed for android. Martial Videos Video made for...
Martial Arts
Here is the collection of articles I wrote over the years on the subject of martial arts, some of these articles are also available in French on the website of my martial club (bushin).  ...
Here are some of my video projects for my martial club. Martial Videos Video made for my sensei Marc Deroitte: Return on our yearly Kagami Biraki seminar: More videos coming soon...

About Me

A bit about myself:


My name is Samuel Valkenborgh,

I am currently a marketing student in my last year at Helmo Sainte Marie Marketing (a 3-year course).

During my time at school, I learned about traditional marketing (be it Market research, advertising, distribution, etc.). And a fair bit about Digital Marketing (Using AdWords, Google analytics, etc.) Completed by some personal experience.

I have also completed my TFE and worked for both GDTech Engineering and Ink (London) in the last year.


While working for GDTech Engineering in a marketing and sales position, my day consisted in analyzing the new market in which the company would like to invest and calling potential customers on that market. For this company I also designed some leaflets and analyzed web traffic through G.A.


While at Ink global, my job was more centered around digital marketing. This internship in London had me working both on the company’s new website and on the different marketing actions towards Ink’s clients (including reaching out to airlines for contests or marketing content, publishing on social accounts of the company, analyzing our web performances, etc.).


Apart from my studies, I am also an Aikido professor for the club Bushin.

Aikido has been my passion for more than 15 years and therefore, it is not surprising that most of my field  experience comes from working for that club.

For example, I first learned about WordPress when developing the website.
I also maintain the Facebook page for this Aikido club and regularly publish content related to Aikido or martial arts in general.

Learn more about this part of my background with my martial arts related articles.


Finally, I would define myself as a curious person, always willing to learn and try new things. This curiosity led me to try many things over the years such as programming in different languages, photo editing, video editing, as well as many other things which you may find here in my resume.


Skills :

Multiple skills in Marketing (Traditional & Digital), and Sales (see Portfolio)

Bilingual French-English

Intermediary level in Dutch

Website creation and management (WordPress, HTML5, CSS)

Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)

Video editing (Adobe premiere, Sony Vegas Pro)

Photo editing (Photoshop, InDesign, Paint Shop Pro, …)

Basic programming (C, C++, Python)

European First Aid Certification

Teaching skills

Scholarship :

  • Marketing, Helmo Sainte-Marie, Liège, Belgique : Bachelor in marketing, English-Dutch
  • Collège Saint-Louis, Liège, Belgique, English Immersion : General studies, scientific and economic options.

Experience :

  • Marketing : Worked for GDTech in a marketing and sales position (internship).
  • Digital Marketing : Internship at Ink-global, London.
  • Volunteering : Flyers editing for Entrevues A.S.B.L, Stretcher-bearer for the Saint-Joseph Hospital (Liège)
  • Student job : Cashier and opener for Spar, Grivegnée
  • Teaching : Aikido class once a week for Bushin A.S.B.L



Martial Arts biography:

I began training in Martial Arts when I was 6 years old (2002) at an aikido dojo in liège. At the age of 9 I switched to an Iwama-Ryu oriented dojo (Takemusu Aiki Fléron) where I obtained my first dan in 2013 after about 10 years of training.

I am currently holder of a Mokuroku awarded by Bushin in 2016 and started regularly since 2016. I also have some experience in Judo and classical Japanese martial arts (Koryu), especially in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu and Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu. Further solo training includes boxing, and different styles of jujitsu.

Please check out for more information.


Any question ?

If you are interested in Aikido, would like to train or meet me for an interview, please contact me here.

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Protected: Ux and Web Design : Cornerstone of you Digital Strategy
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