Here are some of the marketing pieces and projects I have worked on in the recent years.

These projects include videos, leaflets, articles and even an app developed for android.

Martial Videos

Video made for my sensei Marc Deroitte:

More videos coming soon…

Workout App

Workout 0 Screenshot (left) and Android Studio (right)

I developed “workout 0” with Android Studio as a training project. The purpose of this app was to keep track of a strength routine and have the exercises at hand in the gym.

Still a work in progress, this app is currently only compatible with Android and not yet available on the play store. However it will soon be released along with the new versions of my training routines.
Contact me for more information.


Website management and Copywriting and articles I wrote for the club
Website project for AnimaWellVet is a website I manage and for which I wrote several articles (available in French).

The second website was designed for a practicing veterinarian and is not yet implemented.

During my internship at Ink-global, I was also in charge of creating content for the website and socials.

An example of which would be these instagram publications :


Finally, I also have some skills using graphics tool to create both logos and leaflets, such as the ones below :

Logo réalisé pour une pratiquante de Shiatsu


Folder pour une simulation de lancement de produit.